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The podcast “Fika with us” is for international students who are considering Sweden and Linköping University (LiU) for their studies abroad as well as for those who are already here.

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To Sweden, from India

Thursday Oct 14, 2021

Ever wondered what it’s like to move to Linköping all the way from Kerala, India? Vinayak has done it and is here as a guest to tell you all about his journey. How did he come across his master’s program? What were his first impressions? What does he miss the most from home? Make sure to bring your adventurous spirit to this cozy fika! Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Guest: Vinayak Menon Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

ESN and ISA student organisations

Friday Sep 17, 2021

As a new incoming student, you will hear a lot about the International Student Association (ISA) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), but what exactly do these student organisations do? Oskar (ESN) and Vinayak (ISA), two students at LiU, are the guests of this episode to answer all of your possible questions. This fika is all about living your best life while studying! Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Guests: Vinayak Menon (ISA), Oskar Johansson (ESN) Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Learning Swedish

Wednesday Aug 18, 2021

Do you like learning new languages? Have you ever thought to learn Swedish? In this episode of Fika with us, Rebecca and Maria, student ambassadors studying here at LiU, talk about learning the Swedish language and ways to do so online or in person. We invite you to listen to our podcast and get all the tips and tricks! Host: Maria Kousoula Guest: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Alumni story – Kaushal Sadashiv

Tuesday Jul 20, 2021

Being a student at LiU is (of course) great – but what happens after you have finished your studies? Kaushal, a LiU alumni, shares his story in this episode. Host: Wen Chen Guest: Kaushal Sadashiv Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Checklist for new arrivals

Friday Jun 11, 2021

If you are newly admitted to LiU, listen up! In this episode Therese from the International Office, and Rebecca on of our student ambassadors will guide you through what you need to do when you arrive at Linköping University. Everything from roll-call to buying a bike! Host: Priya Eklund, International Coordinator Guests: Therese Lindkvist, International Coordinator, Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Surviving on a student budget!

Friday May 28, 2021

In a previous episode we looked at the cost of living in Sweden (go check it out if you haven’t!). This time we will go through which tips and tricks Nadia and Maria, two student ambassadors from LiU, use to maintain their student budget while studying. From second-hand shops to getting the best deals, make sure to listen in on this budget-friendly fika! Host: Rebecca Fonesca Pilzecker Guests: Maria Kousoula, Bernadia Dwiyani Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

Cost of Living in Sweden

Friday May 14, 2021

Sweden is often spoken about as being an expensive country, but just how expensive is it to live here as a student? Julia and Furkan, two student ambassadors from LiU, talk about their monthly expenses as well as how the cost of living differs from their home countries. Don’t forget to check your budget before joining this fika! Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Guests: Julia Berger, Furkan Özkab Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

The Master's in Business Administration

Friday May 07, 2021

Ever wondered what the Master's in Business Administration - Strategy Management in International Organisations (SMIO) is about? Wen and Hakima, two students of this program that will graduate this year, are here to answer all your questions. Whether you're thinking of applying or have already applied, this fika is for you! Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Guests: Wen Chen, Hakima Shiralzide Editing: Per Wistbo-Nibell

The Student Health Care

Friday Apr 30, 2021

The Student Health Care center offers varied support to LiU students - but what exactly do they do? In which situations can they help you? Marie Petterson works at Student Health and is our guest in this episode of Fika with us. Join us for a conversation about mental health, disabilities and how this LiU support system works.  If you would like to reach out to Student Health, you can do so here:   Host: Rebecca Fonseca Pilzecker Guest: Marie Pettersson, Counsellor at the Student Health Care, LiU Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell

Remaining in Sweden – finding a job

Friday Apr 16, 2021

If you like Sweden so much that you want to stay after you have finished your studies, why not look for a job here? We talk the Swedish job market, how to find a job in Sweden, LinkedIn and much more. If you want to know more about Career Support offered by LiU, please visit these pages: Host: Niraj Kumar Sontha Guests: Priya Eklund, International Office and Hilarian Demio Buck Silva Editing: Per Wistbo Nibell


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